Before Eating

Before Eating

by Jeffrey Brooks

When we sit down to eat

It is good to pause and give a moment to the people who planted the seeds the food grew from or which fed the creatures who feed us

Some people paid attention to what they were doing, making sure they did it well, so the food would grow

They took care of the fields and the plants

And picked them at the right time

Then some people brought it to our area, from nearby or from far away

And some people put it out on a shelf for us to buy

And some one prepared it and set it out for us

And we can recognize our connection with them

And honor them

We can repay their efforts

By thinking of how much work goes in to providing us with something to eat

And how much benefit we receive by having this food

We honor them by using the nourishment and energy we get from our food

To take care of the beings who depend on us

The ones we know well

The ones we know a little bit

And the ones we never see

And will never meet or even hear about

But whose lives we touch in many ways, continually

By the quality of everything we do

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